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We could write a lot about us, but design is not words, design is art, world vision, and life style ... So, let us get acquainted and begin to turn Your house, apartment or a restaurant into Your favorite place. Everyone dreams of and feels about how the interior in which they will be comfortable is to look like. Anyway, in order to transform Your dreams into reality, You need a designer who will unite all the ideas and preferences into the concept and create a design project. Successfully performed work is possible only with 100% customer understanding, and the best way to start cooperation is to meet for a cup of coffee in our cozy office in the center of the city.


The teacher and supervisor of the group of designers and the founder and chairlady of"SOTNIKOVA DESIGN GROUP". The high-class professional who has an impeccable sense of style chiseled by many years of experience in the interior design.

Наталья Сотникова