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The interior design of a one-bedroom apartment/studio

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One-bedroom apartments (studios) have always been in great demand on the real estate market as they are ideal for young families or singles according to their functionality and affordable price aspects. The only problem facing the owners of these apartments is the right choice of the interior design. It must place all the necessary things correctly and beautifully without cluttering the space and creating obstacles. Here, the interior functionality plays an equally important role. It is essential that there are no superfluous items in the decorative interior design of a studio apartment.

What do you need to know about the layout of a studio?

To achieve the maximum efficiency in the use of the working space of a one-bedroom apartment, you must first take care of the selection of a suitable layout. It is logically necessary to consider and effectively equip every available centimeter. To do this properly, examine the furniture that you have, and create an approximate plan of its arrangement. The more detailed it is, the better. Updating the old interior, try to get rid of bulky and large-size items, as in your case it is much more suitable to choose stylish, roomy and practical headsets.

In the studio apartment it is crucial to pay more attention to the visual extension of the space available. It is good if one person lives in the apartment. Otherwise, it is necessary to arrange reasonably distributed work spaces for each resident. If you make the right steps, every family member will feel cozy and comfortable even in a studio with limited space. Remove everything unnecessary, use light colours and your apartment will not look so small.

What is the role of colours in room decoration?

In case of a one-bedroom flat choosing furniture always goes to the background, giving way to a search for a suitable colour palette. Subsequently, all the headsets and additional accessories are selected on the basis of the right combination of features and style of design of the premises. Why is it important? All colours have a certain impact on a person and are therefore responsible for the perception of the interior. Incorrectly chosen colour scheme can lead to a constant feeling of fatigue or irritability of a resident. The color must be chosen not only referring to the aesthetic preferences of a host but also in accordance with what meaning and energy the colour bears:

  • The green, blue and brown colour spectrum. The interior design in this colour palette is the design suitable for people who want their house to be filled with a relaxing atmosphere.
  • A yellow colour. A warm sunny palette presented by orange and yellow hues, has a positive effect on the nervous system, promotes emotional balance, a sense of comfort, and improves mood.
  • A red palette. This color is famous for its constant impelling to action and is suitable for strong-willed individuals. However, it should be taken into account that it can soon be tiring that will make the owner of the apartment get down to renovation again.
  • A pink color. The saturated shades of a pink palette can play a bad joke on you, causing irritability and aggression, but its pastel shades have, on the other hand, a calming effect and are great for designing bedrooms or children's rooms.
  • A sand or cream palette. If you want your studio apartment to always be spacious and free, you cannot do without the delicate light tones. The white walls may seem too strict and cold, but warm milk and cream colours cope with their work perfectly.

What furniture will fit into a one-bedroom apartment?

When you have already decided on the colour of the walls and ceiling, you can safely proceed to the choice of furniture: all kinds of cabinets, tables and bookshelves. Immediately remove dimensional wooden wall units and beds from your list as they will take too much space and will bring discomfort to everyone residing with you. You can make use of the available space far better. Just remember the brilliant modern invention – a slide-wall. They are characterized by a modular-designed system, which is based on a combination of cabinets and shelves, with a gradual increase in height.

Folding furniture is always an excellent option. A roomy and practical sofa that turns into a comfortable bed in a single movement of the hand is ideal furniture for a bachelor’s cave. It is important that it is suitable for storing linen. Especially for practical one-bedroom apartments there is a bed that discreetly hides in the closet.

Usually there is a lot of free space near the front door, which should be used with all possible rationality. Install a sliding wardrobe closet right next to the entrance. It will enable you to store your outdoor clothing, an ironing board, a vacuum cleaner and other equipment, which usually overloads and clutters the space of a small room.

A desktop computer is not the most suitable equipment for a small apartment. It needs a large sturdy table that takes too much space, so you should think about buying a laptop. You may couple it with a small folding table, which is also suitable for tea or dinner for two. Store books and papers on open shelves. They free the room space from unnecessary clutter and by being in sight make their owners maintain order in the house.

The furniture must necessarily be light. Contrasting dark elements are used only for decoration, but the sets that match the walls, white, cream or pastel, look much better. Another useful trick for a one-bedroom apartment is mirrored cabinets. They do an excellent job for the visual increase of the room space and perform well in the actual service. There is hardly a girl who can refuse from such decorative additions of her apartment.

Lighting a one-bedroom apartment

The more light fills such apartments, the better. The reasonable distribution of decorative lighting elements throughout the room allows making the ceilings visually higher and significantly expand the available space. With room lighting you can even divide the place into separate zones. Try not to overdo it, because the excessive brightness and saturation of the light are very tiring for your eyesight. Ideally, install LED lights on the ceiling and some spotlights, as they will help to achieve the formation of beautiful gradients and shadows.

The peculiarities of the arrangement of a bathroom and toilet

The modern pace of life is so fast and intense that people spend most of their free time away from home. That is why the apartments need to be made functional and practical, with the special attention to detail. The bathroom in this case requires particular attention. It should contain a compact toilet, a cabinet for all kinds of accessories and a bath, though alternatively it is better to complete the composition with the glass shower.

Under the conditions of confined spaces is better not to install a washing machine in the bathroom, it is quite fit for the kitchen under the tabletop.

Should we say "yes" to global change?

Designers are particularly fond of demolishing the interior walls in the one-bedroom apartments to achieve the enlargement of workspace and a more modern stylistic design. However, what should be dealt with is the issue what and how to combine to achieve a positive effect and practicality:

  • A room and a kitchen

The walls between rooms can rarely be bearing walls; that is why you can safely bring one of them down or turn it into a stylish arch with some niches. Instead of a boring flat wall, a practical bar, a table or a slide door leading into the sleeping area can be installed. Flooring can also be used for dividing the space in to certain zones in an interesting way. In the bedroom it can be parquet or laminate, and in the hall – decorative tiles or wooden floor of a different colour. If there are no partitions between a kitchen and a bathroom, at the border the stylish dining group can be installed. Do not forget about the sleeping area. To decorate it, it is enough to use a small neat curtain or a figure element made of the drywall, which can be converted into a stylish and capacious bookshelf.

  • A room and loggia

Think if you really need a large and spacious loggia? Many people keep all kinds of stuff on it, but it is definitely a waste of precious space of a studio! Combining the loggia with the room will greatly expand your possibilities, because it can act as a bright and spacious guest area or a study. The similar changes can be applied to a qualitatively warmed balcony.

There are many useful tricks in the design of the one-bedroom apartment, which will help you build a stylish and practical home on the limited square meters:

  • No central chandelier! It has long been a thing of the past, in fact it would be much more interesting and economical to use decorative lamps combined with spotlights.
  • Use the height of the room to the fullest! If you order the closets for your apartment, make sure they are as high the room itself, for shelves to provide more space for everything you need. Book shelves must also reach the ceiling.
  • Ruffles, frills and pleats are not your option! The fact is that such decorative elements always visually reduces the space and clutter it, so the experts recommend to replace them with translucent fabric or use blinds.
  • Refuse from the corridor! This mythical concept should not exist for the studio. Right at the entrance you can install the cabinet for the storage of all kinds of equipment, which will seamlessly transit into a compact and capacious wall unit along the entire length of the room. However, do not forget to take care of the shelf for shoes.