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The design of the kitchen interior. 10 most important tips.

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Kitchen will always be one of the most important rooms in the house, as it is where many housewives spend most of their free time. While some family members come here only attracted by the smell of a just prepared lunch or dinner, the others run here and there in search of the necessary product or equipment. Thus, the kitchen interior design must be approved by the representative of the second group. If you practically do not cook at home, and leave the worries to a husband or wife, you cannot even guess what the lockers are to be replaced with more functional elements.

Do not look for tips on specific manufacturers and the models of kitchen furniture, as in this matter it all depends on your personal preferences. Initially, you need to decide on the design style. It is the starting point for a well-organized space and a comfortable work area.

What kitchen styles are popular today?

  • Classics. In most cases people choose this interior design for themselves since it offers versatility and practicality, as well as the restraint and functionality. At the heart of the classical style lies dark natural wooden furniture, which is mostly suitable for spacious kitchens. A small kitchen will look much better with a light set. If you choose the classical design, you should give your preference to brown or beige plain unobtrusive materials.
  • Provence. Noble, cozy, warm, gentle and romantic – all of these words cannot fully describe the advantages of this decorative design. Interestingly, you can make most of the design elements manually, which will eventually result in a great reduction of expenses from the family budget. Trust the professionals or stick to colour schemes in combinations. For such a design the most suitable colours are the pastel shades of beige, blue, green and purple. Wooden furniture must obligatory look aged. Also, ensure that you take care of the abundance of live plants in the kitchen. The top of style can be elegant wrought iron elements or various wickerwork baskets made of twigs.
  • Country. What can be said about this kitchen design? It is simple and tasteful, because every piece of furniture, the decoration of walls or just a little curtain at the window differ in their ease, lightness and natural motifs. Both Provence and Country designers kindly call these styles rural or village ones, by using only natural materials and paying minimum attention to household appliances. Country Style is impossible without the use of pottery and wooden elements. This design is very rarely used for the arrangement of miniature kitchens, as it requires massive pieces of furniture. Choosing this style of kitchen design for your home, you can forget about the repairs, because even minor rubbing of surfaces will in the end look as a natural part of the decorative composition.
  • Minimalism. If you want your kitchen to be simple, functional and durable, this design is just what you need. This design stands out favourably compared to other popular decorating directions with its perfectly smooth and shining surfaces. Regular geometric shapes make it universal for all generations. The main minimalistic task is to provide the user with maximum comfort: everything you need is always at hand.
  • Modern. This decoration continues the topic of practicality. The perfect furniture for this case will be a horizontal and large in volume, the set will make rational use of every available centimeter rising up to the ceiling. As for home appliances, it must necessarily be built into the set and the light is supposed to be represented by economical spotlights. No ruffles and ribbons on the curtains. Just blinds and classic curtains, which are easy and convenient to maintain, supplemented with some practical shutters. If you have long been dreaming of a functional kitchen, modern design will help you arrange everything as well as possible.
  • High-tech. All kinds of metal and glass constructions of simple geometric shapes with perfect proportions are the basis of such kitchen design. High-tech can be recognized by two contrasting colours. The most popular palette is the one of metal, yellow, blue, green, red and gray shades. Modern designers typically use this type of decor to design the kitchens of creative individuals with innovative thinking. Hi-tech frees their owners of everything superfluous. With this decor you get the most functional, practical, stylish and incredibly spacious kitchen, even with the small actual dimensions of the room.

10 important tips on kitchen design by interior designers!

Planning to decorate the kitchen on your own? Then you will certainly make use of handy tips from the pros to help you avoid the most common mistakes while designing the interior:

  1. Try to place refrigerators and other dimensional objects in the corners, otherwise they will act as obstacles on the way to separate areas of the room. This visually reduces and clutters the workspace. Ensure the open door of the refrigerator do not block the other important functional components of the kitchen interior.
  2. Regardless of whether you are working with a large or a small kitchen, equip it with a dynamic corner headset. It makes efficient use of the available space. It is not the only advantage of the object. The spaciousness of lockers increases by several times, so you will definitely not have any problems with where to best store your cooking utensils.
  3. It is necessary to respect the proportionality of the working area in all circumstances, that is take care of the correct arrangement of the working triangle. The ideal distance from the refrigerator to the stove and the sink is about one meter. If you do not adhere to this rule, the process of creating culinary masterpieces in the kitchen will be a little difficult and not as comfortable as you would like.
  4. Do not forget about the bright accents. If you have firmly decided on one of the most popular types of kitchen interior design, it is necessary to declare it by means of suitable decorative elements. It is important not to overdo it. The designers do not recommend all the walls and ceilings to be filled with colorful themed accents, but without the necessary elements your kitchen will becomes boring even before the repair is completed. Contrasting colour combinations are perfect for expressing the high-tech style. If you overdo it, however, the interior design will be overloaded with decor, and the room will really be almost uncomfortable.
  5. Install the couch. This simple and very practical piece of furniture will significantly simplify your life and the process of cooking. You will no longer have to sit on hard wooden seats, and will even be able to rest on soft cushions if they are added as a precautious decorative element. Install low seats and practical casing. Leather cover will perfectly cope with its task in the room with high temperatures and constant humidity. Do not forget about the appropriate design!
  6. Replace the classical handles on the furniture set. Pay attention to more modern and practical recesses in the door, which will provide the ease of opening and closing. They will also create an optical illusion, which visually increases the size of the room, which is especially important for the tiny rooms.
  7. Consider practical and roomy lockers. The furniture in the kitchen plays a crucial role when it comes to practicality and aesthetic appeal. All kitchen appliances, waffle irons, toasters and multicookers must necessarily be stored in the cabinets, as they significantly clutter the work area. It is very important! Think in advance and renovate the kitchen, which will fully meet your personal preferences and needs in everyday life.
  8. Leave the glossy ceilings alone. The glittering surfaces in the kitchen get dirty very quickly and need constant care. If this fact does not scare you, just skip this point and read on, but the experts advise to go back to the classics and make the kitchen ceiling plain white or pastel or of any other gentle shades. This will make life easier and will visually make the ceiling higher.
  9. The lighting should be three-level. With the help of this interesting and practical trick you can visually spread the work areas in the kitchen and this will allow you to present the whole area of the room sensibly. It is very handy when there is additional light coverage on countertops under the cabinets. It can help you save electricity and create the most comfortable conditions for work in the evening.
  10. Buy a couple of pictures. If you buy stylish interesting panels or other themed graphic objects, they will accentuate your sense of style. There should be just a few of them to only supplement the individual elements of the decor.

Do not forget about practicality and your own preferences. It is you who will work in your future kitchen, so it should fully comply with your vision of comfort.